New Purposeful Living

New Purposeful Living is the co-creation of Andrew Batt and Paul D. Lowe, and is based upon the Three Pillars Of Life approach of Purpose, Prosperity and Philanthropy…


Every single life has a purpose.  Know that your story is important, and your voice really matters – embrace your dreams wholeheartedly.  Peel back the layers to discover your true Self and your truly unique gift.  For if you don’t stand passionately for something, you’ll fall miserably for everything…

To quote Pablo Picasso:

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift…

The purpose of life is to give it away’


Continuing the quotes theme, from Bob Marley:

‘Some people are so poor, all they have is money’

Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune or successful social status.  Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes other factors which can be independent of wealth – such as happiness, health and relationships’. (Wikipedia, 2017).


The word has Greek origin, and translates to ‘Love of mankind’ – something that seems to be backed up by the renowned American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist Anthony Robbins:

‘Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back, by becoming more…’

At New Purposeful Living, we totally embrace all of this, adding-in one other vital ingredient – ACTION!

Introducing Andrew and Paul, the two co-founders of New Purposeful Living

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Andrew Batt

Paul D. Lowe